Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let me elaborate.

You know when you're writing and 5 million thoughts are going through your head? That's me. All the time. Unfortunately, this means I forget to say things I wanted to. Things that are more important than I realize.Then there is the fact that we all interpret things differently. Two important things. 

Two posts ago, in "Don't get too comfortable", I mentioned that my school had the nickname of being a "bubble". Which it does. I said I enjoyed the bubble. Which I do. But I don't think I have the same view of this bubble as most do. My view of the bubble is just that it is my safe place. My place where I can go and re-energize.  My dorm in my room, the campus is my house. That probably sounds weird. But home is your safe place. Harding is my home now. Harding is my safe place.

BUT. I do know the other definition of this "bubble". It's pretty negative. The "bubble" basically states that Harding is a utopia of sorts. That everyone inside of this bubble is perfect and happy all the time. And that basically, there isn't a world outside of Harding. And even if there were, it'd be much different. My views could not be further from that. I know Harding is not a utopia. There are people all around me hurting. Suffering. Crying out. I see them. And I want to help. We are all living here together. We are essentially a family. We are a family. Anything I can do to be a blessing to someone here, I want to do. I'm looking for those opportunities. Also, there is most definitely a world outside of Harding. A world where the same types of people are hurting, suffering and crying out. I know this and embrace it. Because unless you have to, you do not stay cooped up at home all day. I leave campus and see it firsthand. So I know there are people everywhere that need love. Need to see Jesus. Need to know what safe feels like.

Harding is my safe place. It's not perfect. And that's okay. If it were, who would I minister to? Who would minister to me?

"On hearing this, Jesus said, 
'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."
Matthew 9:12

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