Saturday, April 27, 2013

75% of the way there!?

who saw this coming?
this trip? the money coming in?
the aching in my heart being eased?
and he is about the only one.

Four days ago I sat, happily, at 50.5% of my goal raised.
Today I sit, giddily, at 73%.
I'm so blown away by how incredible this is all going.
I began this fundraising journey,
and yes it really is a journey,
only 3 weeks ago.
Granted, a lot has happened in those 3 weeks.
Most excitingly, the fact that 76%
of my overall fundraising goal has been met.
Just take that in for a minute.
Equally as exciting, God is crazy good.
Y'all, CRAZY good.
I never saw this trip coming,
from a mile away,
and here I am almost completely funded.
Every day I have to take a step back
(some days a literal step back)
and just take a minute to process everything.
I am all about spontaneity,
but this is truly the single most spontaneous decision I've ever made.
And every day after I finish processing,
I'm overjoyed to think about the crazy,
exciting journey that lies ahead for Allison and I.
For everything you've contributed to this journey,
I deeply thank you.
We're almost there!

tracy lynn

Sunday, April 21, 2013

a fresh start

the blog is back again.
it was only down for a day, but that still counts as down!
I wanted to re-vamp it. 
give it a fresh new look for everything that is to come.
and really I just needed to put some TLC into it to.
to take a few hours to concentrate on it &
to remind myself why I fell in love with blogging.
more specifically, this blog.

so here we are, 1 day & a fresh new look later, 
and I feel like there is a lot to say.
because if this is your first time visiting,
you have no idea how this blog even came to be.
and if you're someone who doesn't know me (hey!),
somehow you fell upon this blog and are really in the dark!
friend or surprise guest alike, I'm going to fill in the grey area!

3 years and a couple months ago I was a baby.
well, obviously I wasn't really a baby (I was 20)
but in terms of truly living, I was a fresh faced infant.
and I was putting on my big girl pants to leave for college.
*back story: I'm born and raised in Syracuse, NY (GO 'CUSE).
I attended high school in Liverpool & then went on to OCC.
I did my two years and walked away with my Associates degree.
then in Fall of 2010 I prepared myself to leave for college (for real now
not just a community college...not that I'm knocking that, I was
just still living at home, ya know? not much college experience). end*
so I packed up my life and drove down to Searcy, Arkansas.
before this move, I had lived in the same city my entire life.
I wasn't denied cultural experience (my city isn't tiny),
but I hadn't ever uprooted my life & been immersed in another culture.
until August of 2010. commence FULL immersion.
but really that's a different story.
this story is about how this blog came to be.
and that's really a beautiful story.

March 2011.
Catacamas, Honduras.
Por Los Ninos.
one week and my entire outlook on life changed.
I realize that sounds dramatic.
really, I do.
but I promise I'm not being dramatic.
I promise that from that single trip, my life changed.
I saw my life differently.
I saw the world differently.
I saw God differently.
I summed all of that up in my very ever first blog post.
and that's how the blog began.

fast forward a year (and some random blog posts later)
and I found myself back in Honduras.
same location, same children's home, new experience.
is it possible to sound so dramatic 
others start to question your mental state?
well get ready to question everything you know about me
(those of you that have stumbled upon this blog, I guess 
you don't know all that much,
so there isn't much for you to question. perk?)
I saw everything differently again.
not so much an entirely new outlook, more like,
if you keep focusing a camera, you eventually have a clear picture.
it's kind of like that.
each trip I've taken to Honduras
has brought some aspect of my life into focus.

so, it's been two years and some odd months
since I began this blogging journey.
there have been times when I have been consistent
& times when I have fallen off the face of the earth
(refer to June 2012-November 2012).
but I'm back now.
the blog has a fresh face,
I graduate college (real college) in 20 days (WHAT?!)

life is really great right now.
I have literally no idea what my future holds,
but if you want, 
I'm personally inviting you to experience it firsthand with me.
tracy lynn

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Under Construction

Well y'all, (all 3 of you viewers that stumble upon this blog accidentally), the blog is getting a much need (2 year overdue) makeover. Standby!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Am I REALLY going back!?!

Yes. It's true.


I don't even have words to say everything I am feeling. 

First & most overwhelming feeling: EXCITEMENT.
I miss my babies so, so, so much and now I'm getting to go back and see them!!! How do I EVEN put into words how excited I am?! It's been a year since I have seen them..365+ days. I could go on for pages about how excited I am.

Second: SHOCK.
Three weeks ago, literally, if you said I was going to have the opportunity to go back to Honduras I would've laughed and possibly...maybe, called you crazy. Events have fallen into place, SO QUICKLY that I am completely shocked. I don't even know exactly what I'll be doing while I am there, (as I find out, I'll post and keep y'all updated) but I know that for 6 weeks I will be in one place that has changed my life more than anything I can put into words.

Let me start off by saying, God works in mysterious ways. Every. Single. Time. that I have a problem, that I worry about anything, anything at all, God comes through. By now, you would think that I would be able to not stress or worry about anything, because I know the God has a plan. God always has a plan. But I am human y'all, I worry and I stress. As of right now, I need to raise minimum $2000 to pay for my trip AS WELL as my bills for the month that I am about a month and a half. That is scary...right? 

1.5 months to raise about $2000. Oof. Y'all I'm nervous, but I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that if God wants me to return to Honduras, He will get me there. If you can help in any way, donating, praying, sharing the link, praying again, anything...I would be infinitely grateful. Y'all are beautiful and I love you for even reading this.