Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 months pictures

I rented a house with four of my friends. One might observe we had a good time.
I started working at a daycare. I fell in love with each of these Gerber faces.
I visited home and hung out with my brother & sister!
My brother came to visit me in good ol' Arkansas.
I got to be apart of one of my oldest friends big day.
I got to see the marriage of two of the sweetest people in the world.
I took a road trip up to NY to visit my favorite place in the world.
I turned 22!
I acted a fool with girls in my social club.
I started Insanity....and then quit 3 weeks later.
I did Relay for Life and fell in love with this puppy.
My precious suitemate came to visit Arkansas!
Saw Pentatonix....then met them. And died.
I made a frenemy on Halloween at a haunted house.
Acted like a fool again with girls in my social club.
Still work at the daycare....still love the Gerber babies
Oops, acted like a fool again with the same social club.

I've done a lot of living these last 5 months. It's been quite a ride.