Sunday, June 3, 2012

Midnight thoughts.

        Here in the Harding Public Safety office, things get real. I've come to realize that the midnight shift offers two things; a deep, deep, deep appreciation for sleep and the opportunity to have real conversations with people you never would've thought you'd be able to.
        Every weekend I work two midnight shifts. Two shifts that completely drain me of everything mentally and physically. You do not realize how much you love sleep until it's taken away. But with that lack of sleep, things change. I'll admit, your judgement gets a bit impaired when you're tired. Just a bit. It's not always bad though. Sometimes when you're tired, you say things you mean. Things and opinions you wouldn't normally share. Because when you share your opinions, it's no longer rainbows and butterflies. But rainbows and butterflies are daytime things. At night, the sun goes down and things get real. And I love it.
        Two nights in a row now I've sat in this normally boring office and been apart of some of the most real, thought-provoking conversations of my life. We've covered everything from apocalyptic theories to what church means to each of us. And both nights I've had the exact same thought; God works in mysterious ways. His timing is impeccable and His reasoning should never be questioned. We're put into specific situations with certain people at exactly the right times for a reason. And this has never been more apparent than in the Public Safety office after the sun goes down. Because at night, things get real.