Saturday, June 4, 2011

I climbed a mountain.

Okay, it wasn't exactly a mountain. But it was a steep, rock and dirt composed slope. I climbed, shimmied and hiked my way up and then back down. 110% gratifying. Clarks Reservation. We started mid way up the trail and hiked up to the tip top of the cliff. When we got to the top we were 175 feet above the lake. Seriously amazing.
So we get to the top and we start the trek downwards. We climbed over huge rocks, followed trails through the woods and eventually stumbled across an exciting possibility. We could follow the trail down to the lake, or we could get adventurous. With some persuasion, we all agreed to be adventurous. So we shimmied our way, heels dug in the dirt and squatting, down the 90 foot slope. First thought, I'm going to die. Second thought, I cannot wait to get to the bottom. Last thought, oh my word, I just went down that thing?! Mind you, I don't hike or shimmy my way down a mountain or hill...ever. So I was ecstatic I didn't tumble down the slope face first. So, we hiked a little further along and made it to the lake. First off, the weather was around 60 something and the sun peaked out every now and then. Perfect temperature for hiking. Well when we got to the lake we decided to sit down and eat lunch. Personally one of my favorite parts of our hike. It was absolutely gorgeous. The water was calm and clear. The sun and wind created the perfect amount of warm and cool air. It's incredibly hard to ignore God's presence in any nature setting. The trees and their roots are everywhere. They demand your attention. All I hear is God saying "Look at what I've created Tracy. Look what I am capable of doing. Look how big I am. I am everywhere." It's breathtaking. It was the first time since Honduras I felt and saw God that vividly. Now all I want to do is engulf myself in nature. So I'm planning on hiking a lot this summer. I'm so ready to have that burning fire in my heart for God again. If nature is where he speaks so clearly to me, I'm ready and willing to go find him.

"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. "
Luke 5:16

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