Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's tomorrow.

I'm trying to think of the times in my life when I've used the phrase "it's tomorrow." Usually it's when I'm excited about something or when I'm nervous about something. For instance, I'm almost certain I've used that phrase to describe tests, quizzes, presentations and projects. But I've also used that phrase to describe youth rallies, camp and reunions.

Well, the reunion to end all reunions takes place tomorrow...and into Saturday. Tomorrow at 4:30am, I'm leaving my little nook in Searcy to head to Little Rock. From there I'll head to Houston. Houston Schmouston. It's where we go from Houston that makes breathing a little difficult. At 9:00am I'll snuggle into an uncomfortable plane seat, where I'll sit for three of the longest hours of my life until we land in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Honduras... HONDURAS!!! I wish I could say that I'm exaggerating when I say that as I'm typing this my heart is racing a little and I'm breathing a little more franticly...but I can't. My heart has been longing for this reunion since we drove off the Por Los Ninos property last year. I can't find words to express how ready I am.

So, we land in Tegucigalpa and frolic around for a little until we hop on a bus that will take us to Catacamas. When I say "take", I mean it's going to be a long, long, long, hot, perfectly bumpy, uncomfortable four hour drive. (Side note: It's pretty incredible what the brain can ignore when you long for something so badly) So then we'll be home. After a long, long day of travel, I'll be home in Catacamas. But my heart won't yet be complete. Not yet.

Saturday. I've been watching a lot of Wife Swap lately. You know, where the wives are sent half way across America to live with another family for two weeks? Well, when they are reunited with their husbands/kids, it's exciting and wonderful and precious. Okay, so take that and change the factors a little bit. I've been away from my kids for a year, separated by almost 3,000 miles. It's is going to be an epicly heartwarming, soul reviving, perfect reunion. I don't think there is a single word that can sum up every emotion I'll be feeling. I'm so thankful to be able to return to the country and the children that stole my heart.

It's tomorrow.

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