Wednesday, May 29, 2013

get nice & comfy...

I haven't posted in approximately 3 weeks.
I'm just embarrassed!
sometimes I'm all like "guys I'm a blogger!"
and sometimes I spread my posts out by 3 weeks.
sometimes I write really witty posts,
and sometimes they're kinda lackluster.
so, I guess I'm kind of unpredictable.
but, if it's any consolation, i've been yearning to blog,
time just has not been in my favor.
but as a warning, I don't know if I'm feeling witty.
i'm soooorrrryyyy!
just fight through this post & the next one will be better.
 I promise i'll be a little witty.

the short story: graduation, Florida, Grad Party, Honduras, Camp Hunt.


i'm a graduate...
and that about sums it up, ha.
maybe in my post-Honduras future i'll have more to say,
but right now, Honduras is basically all I think about.


my graduation present to myself was taking a little trip...
...a little trip to ORLANDO with two of my best friends.
it was the perfect vacation.
we laid on the beach,
we explored Universal Studios,
we drank butterbeer,
 and we just genuinely enjoyed our last few days together.
the 3 of us live miles(MD)&miles(NY)&miles(FL) away from each other,
so this trip was the perfect cap to our college years together.

Grad Party! (because I graduated)

I got to see my whole family!
going to school 1,200 miles away is a blessing & a curse.
I love the distance.
but sometimes I hate the distance.
but i'm home now!
I got to see my bffl (best friend for life),
my brother and my sister,
and everyone in between!
it was a really great day.

Honduras in t-minus 3 days!!!

this is blowing. my. mind.
i'm at a point where I could write nothing,
or literally write a book about how i'm feeling.
to spare you, i'll simply say this:
I am so blessed & I literally cannot wait.

Camp Hunt!

it will help you better understand why I was SO EXCITED
to be asked to return once I get home from Honduras.
after Hondo, I'll do a quick turn-around
(about a day and a half to be exact)
and head out to be a counselor once again.
it's strange because i'll be an old folk when it comes to staff,
but i'm so, so, so beyond excited.

if you made it through this post, I congratulate you.
so there it is.
the past and the future in a blog post.
I may write again before I leave,
but with my track record who can really say.
if not, next time I post will be from Honduras!
stay tuned!!!!
tracy lynn

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