Wednesday, June 26, 2013

it feels like home

recently Allison and I have been spending a lot of time in house 2. this is the house where we started our adventure. Jorge & Olga and their gang of crazy kids have become family to me. we are currently eating in house 3 which, of all the houses, is the most strict. the kids are all very shy and there is no talking at the table. it's not bad, really it works well for their house. but for us it has been very different from the experiences we have had in other houses. there is a very strict schedule in the house; dinner at 5, devotional at 6 and bed at 7, which means we are out of the house around 6:45. previous houses our "leaving time" after dinner has been somewhere between 8 and 9. the first night this happened we were confused. we had never had this much time at night to just, be. instinctively we headed to house two. good choice on our part. we played our nightly game of volleyball and then we watched a movie. fun fact, even if a scary movie is only in Spanish, it's still scary. in conclusion, we had a little sleepover in house 2 that night with all the girls. since then, every night after dinner and devo we head over to house 2. we found out recently that our last full week...which people tell me is apparently next week?...will be spent in house 2 :) I'm thankful for the people Jorge and Olga are in our lives here in Honduras and that they've accepted us as their pseudo-North American-Honduran-daughters. and I'm lucky to call this place home.



  1. Hey Tracy it sounds like your summer is going great. I will continue to pray for the impact that I know you guys are having on our kids. I am glad this experience seems to be what you were looking for and probably a whole lot more. I hope you have a great rest of your experience there. Say hello to the kids for me!

    1. Matt! it's ironic you commented today! the kids love to go through my phone and look at all my pictures. today, Jose Armando saw pictures of you from the night we went bowling and also the valentines function. he remembers you :) it was precious the way he said your name with such confidence! I'll be sure to tell the kids you say hello! try to visit us when you're in Honduras :)