Sunday, March 27, 2011

He is jealous for me.

          I'm so thankful for my house church/wednesday night bible study/honduras conglomeration of a family. Really, they make me feel sane, thankful, spiritually uplifted and loved. I wasn't sure I'd ever find something like this. Well I never expected to find something like this; something like a family. But God provided, and I did. And I don't plan on looking back. I have a second family. I am blessed with the opportunity to be apart of a community that can freely share what is on our hearts. Plus, we're absolutely ridiculous together :)

          Tonight at house church we talked all about our God being a jealous God. When you take it at face value, it's saying just that. Our God is a Father who wants His children all for himself. Somehow that view has gotten negatively skewed. It's true, our God is selfish and self-centered. We have been blessed with a God who knows us by name. A God who calls us by name. What more do we need in our lives than to give glory to Him? Nothing. What more could we possibly need besides Him? Nothing. We should be all consumed in our God and 100% God-centered. 

"You weren't made to be somebody, 
you were made to know somebody."

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