Friday, June 10, 2011

I should let you know.

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.
I only recently became, for lack of a better term, obsessed.
I decided it was time, and I bought myself the books for Christmas.
I wish I had made that decision sooner.
But from that point on, there was no going back.
I read all seven books and re-watched all seven movies in a month.
Now I'm currently re-watching and re-reading everything.
It's safe to say I'm nowhere near ready to say goodbye.

In my opinion, everyone needs to experience the wonder of Harry Potter.
Anyone that hasn't read the books, I suggest you do.
If you like the movies, you will LOVE the books.
There are so many little details that make it incredible.
So many things they just couldn't put into the movies.
I can promise you'll have a new appreciation for all things HP.
Maybe I'm bias or maybe I just have a good point.
Give it a shot, you'll thank me later. Promise.

Also, I love Rupert Grint. In and out of character.

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