Saturday, April 27, 2013

75% of the way there!?

who saw this coming?
this trip? the money coming in?
the aching in my heart being eased?
and he is about the only one.

Four days ago I sat, happily, at 50.5% of my goal raised.
Today I sit, giddily, at 73%.
I'm so blown away by how incredible this is all going.
I began this fundraising journey,
and yes it really is a journey,
only 3 weeks ago.
Granted, a lot has happened in those 3 weeks.
Most excitingly, the fact that 76%
of my overall fundraising goal has been met.
Just take that in for a minute.
Equally as exciting, God is crazy good.
Y'all, CRAZY good.
I never saw this trip coming,
from a mile away,
and here I am almost completely funded.
Every day I have to take a step back
(some days a literal step back)
and just take a minute to process everything.
I am all about spontaneity,
but this is truly the single most spontaneous decision I've ever made.
And every day after I finish processing,
I'm overjoyed to think about the crazy,
exciting journey that lies ahead for Allison and I.
For everything you've contributed to this journey,
I deeply thank you.
We're almost there!

tracy lynn

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